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Question and Answers


Question and Answers

ISBN10: 0132574950 ISBN13: 9780132574952

Test Bank For Handbook Of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals 5th Edition By Toni Lee Hebda
Handbook Of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals
Handbook Of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals 5th Edition



Table of Contents

1. Informatics in Healthcare Professions

2. Hardware, Software

3. Ensuring Quality and Best Use of Information

4. The Internet and the World Wide Web: An Overview

5. Professional Use of Electronic Devices

6. Healthcare Information Systems

7. Strategic Planning for Information Technology Projects

8. Selecting a Healthcare Information System

9. Improving the Usability of Health Informatics Applications

10. System Implementation and Maintenance

11. Information Systems Training

12. Information Security and Confidentiality

13. System Integration and Interoperability

14. The Electronic Health Record

15. The Role of Standardized Terminology and Languages in Informatics

16. The Personal Health Record (PHR)

17. Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)

18. Health Information Technology and Policy

19. Legislation

20. Regulatory and Reimbursement Issues

21. Accreditation Issues for Information System Design and Use

22. Continuity Planning and Management (Disaster Recovery)

23. Technology, Informatics, and the Internet into Nursing Education

24. Consumer Education and Informatics

25. Telehealth

26. Public Health Informatics

27. Evidence-Based Practice and Research



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