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Solution Manual for Maders Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology 8th Edition Longenbaker 0073403660 9780073403663


Table of Content:

Part I Human Organization
1. Organization of the Body
2. Chemistry of Life
3. Cell Structure and Function
4. Body Tissues and Membranes
Part II Support, Movement, and Protection
5. The Integumentary System
6. The Skeletal System
7. The Muscular System
Part III Integration and Coordination
8. The Nervous System
9. The Sensory System
10. The Endocrine System
Part IV Maintenance of the Body
11. Blood
12. The Circulatory System
13. The Lymphatic System and Body Defense
14. The Respiratory System
15. The Digestive System
16. The Urinary System and Excretion
Part V Reproduction and Development
17. The Reproductive System
18. Human Development and Birth
19. Human Genetics


Product Details:

Renowned for her effective learning systems, respected author Sylvia Mader has helped thousands of entry-level students understand and enjoy the principles of human anatomy and physiology. Beginning with the sixth edition, Susannah Longenbaker has been building on Dr. Mader’s format and engaging writing style while adding her own personal touch to this successful title. The writing is clear, direct and user-friendly, and enriched with new clinical information, terminology and classroom-tested features such as “Focus on Forensics” readings and in-text “Content Check-Up” questions. Drawing on over twenty years of teaching experience, Sue Longenbaker writes for the next generation of students that will learn anatomy and physiology from this classic textbook.

Language: English
ISBN-10: 0073403660
ISBN-13: 978-0073403663
ISBN-13: 9780073403663

Author: Susannah Nelson Longenbaker


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